The multiplicative experience of being a post-contemporary artists in a contemporary world.

Need a prescription? Visit the office of Doctor Rhythm.

In the Beginning, there was Rhythm.

From the birth of these rhythmic players in 2005, the Rhythm Creatures have brought immense pleasure to its fans (five strong and growing).

They have taken the post-modern world by storm. We should probably put a myth about how they came to be.

Meet the Creatures.

Daily encounters of the Creature kind. We invite you to meet Re, Elti, Fasol, and their Pitch Demon buddies.

I'm Having Another Episode...

Join the Rhythm Creatures in their adventures on screen. Watch the episodes. Watch the commercials.

RC is currently featuring its latest episode, "No Nose is Good Nose", and the RC commercial classic, "Blubber Max"!


Discuss the episodes. Comment about the characters. Tell us what you think. Join our RC blog.

Products and Downloads

Check back for RC products, including shirts, mugs, stamps, beanies. Also tune in for episode soundtracks, music, and music video downloads. At some point, we'd like to have Desktop Themes, Icons, and Screensavers.

Let us know if you would like to advertise for Rhythm Creature. There's a t-shirt with your name on it.

If you have thoughts about the types of products or media downloads the RC should have, let us know via email.